Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to handle those haters


Haters. Aku rasa semua orang ada haters. Biasalah, dalam dunia ni bukan semua orang suka kita. Cuma sedar atau tak je la. Persoalannya, macam mana nak handle haters? 

Buat baik dengan mereka.

Maafkan mereka.

Doakan yang baik baik untuk mereka.

Fikir positif tentang mereka. 

Kalau dah susah sangat, ignore.

Yes, that's it.

Tipulah kalau aku kata semua orang sayang aku, tak ada pun yang benci haha. Aku pun manusia biasa juga. Tak terlepas. Ada, sampai ada yang menabur fitnah & buat apa saja untuk jatuhkan aku pun ada tapi things would be worse kalau aku balas balik jadi aku diam. 

Well, if you can't be nice, then be quiet. 

I'll always go with, "Suka hatilah."

I don't care & I'm not angry anyway. I think they just don't know me well or maybe they are just envious of something that I have, that's why they did such bad things just to break me down.

May Allah grant them happiness so that they forget mine. 

It's their right even if they want to hate us. We can't do anything anyway. We're not living in this world just to please them. Just forgive & forget. Think positive. Maybe Allah will soften their heart someday. Who knows right?

Tak perlu balas kejahatan mereka, kalau ada pun. Teruskan buat baik. Layan mereka dengan baik seolah mereka tak pernah buat salah dekat kita. I mean, betul betul baik la bukan buat buat baik. Ikhlaskan hati. Mungkin daripada situ, kita boleh ubah fikiran mereka tentang kita. Mereka boleh tahu kita tak macam yang mereka sangka. 

Just be a nice person. 

Treat others nice. Perhaps they will treat you nice someday. 

It's not what happens to you in life that says who you are, it's how you react to what life throws at you.

And yessss we can choose either being good or bad but I think it's wonderful to be a good person & have a beautiful heart.

People may think we're fool just because we stay quiet & just forgive whatever people did to us but what's the use of fighting with each other, holding grudges & choose to do bad things if we can choose to be good?

Why choose to have a war if you can live in peace?


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